Week 25 100WC

I look up ,can you see that. It’s  air writing , it says will you marry me Lilly . Or how cute,I’ll how is that cute that is disgusting ,well I think that is cute .Well I know that is gross you don’t know anything we’ll lets ask mum .Sprinting to mum , as we push and shove in rage my sister runs me to the ground  she is almost home but from behind I spear tackle her to the ground she pulls my hear till it tears I go to grab her hear but mum comes and says . Look how cute that is I scream no till I lose my voice I ask mum if she is felling well but she said she is fine.

One thought on “Week 25 100WC

  1. Hi Kallum,
    A very different style of writing to a lot of entries I have read!

    It got a little confusing with dialogue section as I was unsure who was talking.
    Be careful about your spelling – hear = hair.

    Well done for entering this weeks 100 Word Challenge!
    Mrs Symonds (Team 100WC)
    Linton, Cambridge

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