I was playing a friendly game of cricket , and I went to bat . When I was batting I got a fast delivery the ball bounced up the ball and went thought the grill of the helmet . the ball hit me in the head .I was in so much pain I fell on the ground I looked to the side and I sore blood every were . When I fell It felt like I was being pushed though the earth. I remember my team and the opposition came towards me even the umpire and coaches came.


2 thoughts on “100WC

  1. Wow! You obviously know a LOT about cricket, Kallum. Your descriptions are very well informed. You have used the prompt well – I haven’t seen it being used like this before! You have used some very clear vocabulary like fast delivery, grill, opposition and umpire.

    Keep writing!

    Mrs Tunnicliffe
    Riders Junior School
    Havant, UK

  2. hi kallum , it’s Ana. I liked you’re story It was very griping .I like your blog a well I hope to see more great work 🙂

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