Week 1 spelling

Activity1: Roll:to roll over in a circular patten.Role a task that leads into responsibility. Vice:a to hold an object.Vice a bad habit.Won:winning a race.One:the number 1 or describing that there’s one 1 thing.council:a group of people discussing .Counsel:advise.Lie:a lie is some or something not telling the truth.Lie:to lay down and relax.Tear:To let liquid drop from your eye caused from emotions such as happy or sad.Tear:a charity.

The mayor of our local council has approved a project to build a road though a local park.Our mother wrote too our local member to say the writes of children had been denied. As a Tax. payer she felt she had to have her say as did many other people who also sent their objections through the mail. The road road is allowed to go ahead anyway the council won .