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It is conposary  to where school uniform. Kids will think they rule the school they will get in a habit of ruling the school why should  they get in that habit.  And doing what they want. They will disobey the school. They will not listen  so that’s only one resin so two. It disrespectful for the school all that hard work gust give the school respect   respect the teachers prinsable  if kids go off missing what will you do


Next one person  might not where what  every one is wherrying kids will get bulled of there fashion chose  NOW kids can where   unipropret things that is SICK SICK sick  .

It is  conposary   to where school uniform kids will think they rule the school and it was disrespectful for the school kids will get bulled of there fashion choses  I hope  you will agree with me so it is conposary so you have to follow me go with me SO IT CONPOSSARY to where school uniform so thanks for reading I hope you i

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